Coffee – Varieties around the World – Part 2

March 11th

This is a continuation of Coffees from around the world.


If we’re going to take a trip around the world to sample different coffees, it would be impossible to avoid Columbia. The world-renowned Columbian coffees are always delicious. La Esperanza from Tolima, for example, is extremely unique. Grown at nearly 6,000 feet, it has a delicate aroma and a highly unusual flavor. It tastes cherry-like, but with hints of pipe tobacco and chocolate. While that may sound horrible in theory, in practice the flavors really work well together. The result will surprise you! Columbian Supremo is also excellent. It’s a complex mixture with hints of semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla. Unfortunately, it loses something quickly when it cools, so be sure to drink it hot and quick!


As we journey to Hawaii, we can’t help but sample the hand-picked Kona. It comes in both medium and dark roasts, but the espresso is incredible, with its dark, strong flavor and low acidity.


When we find ourselves in Africa, we have to try the Tanzanian Peaberry coffee. There are a couple of things that make it stand out. First of all, it’s grown on, of all places, the southern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro! Of course, the good news is that anyone who wants to climb Kilimanjaro has plenty of coffee available to keep them going. The second thing that makes Tanzanian Peaberry unique is the shape of the beans. Most coffee beans are actually composed of two flat beans. Not the Tanzanian Peaberry! It is a single oval bean. One consequence of that difference is that the Peaberry has higher acidity than lots of other coffees.

A quick side trip to Ethiopia, while we’re in the neighborhood, finds us faced with even more delicious options, The Yirgacheffe region contains an orangey, lemony, chocolaty brew, which is a delight to drink.


A visit to India reveals yet another interesting concoction, Monsoon Malabar. Three months of wet winds created the Monsoon Malabar. Its beans are puffy and yellow and its flavor tastes slightly of apricot. Also, while there, it’s important to try one of the sweet, raisin-tasting Jumboors.


Traveling east, to Indonesia, we should stop in Sumatra to sample a roast from the Lake Toba region. It has a sweet and flowery taste, but with just a bit of cherry as well. The Northern provinces also offer a darker roast, which is spicy and has hints of grapefruit and cedar.


Let’s not forget about Vietnam. The Robusta from Lampung is a joy to sample. The unique washing, drying and polishing process used to make it produces an astringent, woody flavor, which is reminiscent of Arabica.


A quick stopover in Jamaica, before heading home, reveals something unusual. Jamaican Peaberry, which, like its African cousin, consists of a single bean, produces a totally different taste. This strong cup is full-bodied, floral and very acidic.

So, as we return home, we are exhausted, yet enthusiastic about the many possibilities for tomorrow morning’s cup!

You may enjoy learning about Speciality coffees

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Getting Your Coffee Fix With A Budget

March 9th

Getting Your Coffee Fix On A Budget

Espresso coffeemakers consist of different types, models and price points. So just how do you tell one from the other and what’s the perfect coffee machine for your requirements? Just look at any kitchen shop or shopping area and there is a a lot of different coffee making equipment and models.

Then again which will make you the fantastic cup of coffee you are worthy of – even need! For most users price range is the major reason when picking their next coffeemaker. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on high quality or flavor but you do want to find out a lttle bit about each method of coffee maker so let’s see what exactly is what within the coffee making world.

Making Slow Drip Coffee

Perhaps the most recognised of the coffeemakers, the drip coffee maker is in a good number of kitchens in the US, in addition to in most hotel rooms. You will discover a entire selection which will make it easy for you to make One cup, 6 or Twelve cup pots, to semi programmable makers that can produce coffee to a timetable. Turning out to be more popular is the design that creates vacuum coffee pots that don’t require the warming element to continue to keep the coffee warm.

The foundation of the drip coffee machine is relatively uncomplicated. Coffee is positioned in a filter holder and hot water is slowly passed through the grounds to make the coffee. The filter basket is usually lined with a filter paper, however there are a number that utilize a fine mesh in its place. Whilst these are more eco-friendly (and you will never run out of filter papers) they might from time to time allow some of the grounds through.

These makers can certainly produce a good cup of coffee moderately swiftly and cheaply but you would by no means mistake it for espresso. If you’re set on obtaining an espresso on a budget then the following category may possibly be for you.

Back to the Future With Stove Top Percolators

If you take a trip through Europe; Italy notably, then these kinds of coffee makers you are likely to find in the majority of homes. The stove top percolator is a multi part pot that will go on the stove to create an superb mug of coffee in the espresso style. You may possibly get the crema effect using one of these stove top coffee machines and all it usually takes is 5 – Ten minutes which is the similar as a drip coffee maker. Now there are more modern models that use electricity but part of the appeal of these coffeemakers is their straightforwardness and the simple fact that there’s practically nothing to go wrong with it.

Simply load the bottom part of the percolator with cool water, the filter basket with coffee (typically with an espresso grind) and put on the stove. The hot water percolates up via the coffee grounds and gathers it the top. As soon as the coffeemaker starts to gurgle, take it off the stove and deliver an remarkable cup of coffee.

These types of coffeemakers are low-priced, quick to employ and last a long time if taken care of. The down side to this is that they create not so big amounts of coffee (a Six cup brewer will normally produce the equivalent of 3 -4 shots of espresso) and attention needs to be taken when cleaning them.

Is a True Espresso Possible?

At the very top of coffeemakers is the espresso coffee maker. These machines are the most pricey and can be the most hi tech. They vary in selling price from a couple of 100 dollars to several thousand for a best of the line machine. So is spending the extra worth it? In truth that really is based on your coffee drinking routine.

If all you drink is the occasionalespresso then a lower end pure espresso maker will suit you perfectly. If you might be a more frequent drinker and require a mixture of styles then a combination coffee and espresso maker will likely fit you better.

A good number of of these coffeemakers are reasonably complex machines, some with a lot of options and capabilities. The down side of this is that there is a good deal more to break and they do wear out. A proper espresso maker will push hot water via the coffee at reasonably high pressure so they will not last forever, so be careful if you’re looking at the low end of the price range.

It may make more sense to spend a little more for an espresso coffee maker that is well made and will last for a longer time than the inexpensive models.

With the overall economy the way it is and a smaller amount of money to go around your latte or espresso fix is more expensive. So the Espresso Machine for making home espresso are the perfect solution. On a budget then Espresso Machines For Sale will highlight the most excellent low priced coffee machines.

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Learn About Valerian Herbal Tea

March 7th

Valerian herbal tea has been found to be highly beneficial throughout history.This substance has been used quite frequently throughout traditional Chinese medicine as well as in the medicine of the Ayurvedic Indians.

The Valerian plant itself is native to Central Asia and Northern Europe.The part of the plant that is sought after the most is the root section.

This particular area of the plant is often used in the field of herbal based medicine.There are many benefits that Valerian herbal tea is believe to bring.

Valerian tea is believe to help with many sleep disorders such as insomnia. The effects of Valerian tea can work immdediate but often it is taken of a 4 -6 week period.

Valerian tea should not be used as a medicine and is not approved by the Federal Drug Administration. However, many believe that Valerian tea works.

This tea is known to produce a sense of calmness in the nervous system.The sedation that is made possible in the nervous system is able to assist those that suffer from conditions like panic attacks, attention hyperactive disorder, attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even those that suffer from restless legs syndrome.

The teas has also been associated with decreating high blood pressure. The tea has also been used too help with muscle disorders such as muscle spams.

Valerian tea seems to relax musckes. As a result, individuals that have injured their muscles or suffer from a condition such as fibromyalgia, or painful periods, may find that this is the product that they need in order to cope with their condition.However, often muscle conditions will require medical attention.

Do not ignore the advice of a medical professional when it comes to severe medical syndromes or conditions.~ You should also research side affects as well.

You should not substitute herbal tea for medical treatment.You need to make sure the that Valerian ingredient will not result in adverse side affects.

Use our herbal tea guide to learn more about herbal teas such as Valerian tea.

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Best Coffee Travel Mug

March 6th

Everybody knows that we live in a busy world. Our time is one the most valuable assets that we have. Anything that can be done to save time is worth considering. One of the ways that we save time is to multitask, so why not take your morning coffee with you on the road when you drive to work? Two things must happen – you have to have your coffee and you have to get to work.

In order for this bit of multitasking to work, a person must have the best coffee travel mug that he can find. When you get up in the morning it is very easy to make a single cup of premium coffee using a k-cup, but what do you put it in so you can take it with you? Of course, you can just reuse the coffee cup and lid you got at the donut shop over the weekend, but why do that when there is a tremendous variety of travel mugs available? To pick the one that is best for you, there are several things you should consider. How long will you be commuting? How long will you want the coffee to stay hot?) Consider what kind of cup holder you have in your car? How much coffee do I need to drink in the morning, and how big does my travel mug have to be? How secure must the lid be? How much do I want to spend? Somewhere in the answers to these questions and other questions a person might come up with what lies in the best coffee travel mug for you.

Travel mugs come in a wide range of prices. The best quality mugs range in price from $9 to $35. There are many different materials from which travel mugs are made, including metal and plastic. Some may have handles while others do not. Handles make the cup easier to grab and hold onto, especially while driving. Some of the mugs have a screw-on lid, while others have a lid that snaps on. A screw-on lid is much more secure than a snap-on lid, which might not always be snapped on tight. There is nothing worse to start your day off than to have hot coffee spilled all over the car.

There are tons of different sizes of travel mugs. There are mugs with wide bases that will be steadier when placed on a flat surface, and mugs that are narrower to fit into cup holders of cars. Travel mugs also vary greatly as to how long they will keep the coffee hot. Each brand has a different amount of insulation. How long it takes you to drink your morning cup will determine how insulated a cup you need. It boils down to that the most expensive mugs have the most insulation.

So then, which is the best one for you? That depends upon how you answer the questions I have posed. Whichever mug you choose, you can use a k-cup to make your coffee in the morning to fill that mug for an enjoyable drive to work and the start of a day of multitasking.

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Favorite Small Coffee Makers

March 5th

Small coffee makers offer you many of the same features of a larger sized coffee maker, just with a smaller, more convenient size. With all the options on the market, you can find the perfect coffee maker for you in the small size you need.

Best Small Coffee Maker

The consumers’ reviews are averaged to make a list of best five small coffee makers, thus you will have an excellent idea of what you will purchase.

Top Five Best Small Coffee Makers

To help you to understand which one of these five coffee makers will be the best for you, there are some features of each listed. You can now easily find what small coffee maker works best for you.

Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug
: It is personal size coffee maker, which means it is going to brew coffee by the cup. The features are :

• Produced directly into mug
• Comes with stainless steel mug
• Permanent filter
• Auto shut off
• Dishwasher safe mug and filter pieces

Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer: If you want the perfect cup of coffee every time as well as the convenience of k-cups, this is the machine. The features are :

• Capacity: single cup
• Clock and timer program
• Make coffee, tea and cocoa
• Charcoal filter for water
• Automatic on-off
• Variable brew temperature settings
• Removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs

Black & Decker DCM675BF 5-Cup Drip Coffee Programmable Maker with Permanent Filter: It is a great product in a small package. This is feature loaded and comes with many advantages of convenience. Its features are :

• Programmable brew time
• Capacity: 5 cup
• Glass carafe
• Digital soft touch pad
• Automatic shutdown
• Permanent filter
• Integrated cord storage
• Detachable filter basket
• Timer and clock
• Indicator of water level

Zojirushi EC-BD15 Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker
: It is one of the best coffee makers. This coffee maker has a sleek design. It is something you would love to have on your counter, but it also comes with great features. Features include:

• 1.5-liter thermal carafe
• Stainless steel carafe
• 1025 watts
• Electric clock and timer with preset option
• Automatic shutdown

Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System: This one brews one cup at a time for great fresh taste. Features include:

• 1500 watts
• Uses k cup coffee for no mess or fuss
• Removable drip tray
• Detachable water tank that holds 49 ounces

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Save 10% off Hawaii Roasters Coffee

March 4th

When you wake up to the aroma of Kona coffee wafting through the air, you know you are starting a great day. Hawaiian coffee is some of the best tasting coffee around .. and now you can save money on it!

Save 10% on each participating item when you spend $35.00 or more on all items offered by Hawaii Roasters. Here’s how (restrictions apply).

Know that you are getting the best cup of coffee and that it will make you feel wonderful.

Coffee Varieties around the World – Part 1

March 4th

Did you ever notice all the different types of coffee available in America these days? Do you ever find yourself wondering where they all came from? Can you remember a time when your choices were limited to taking coffee black or with milk or sugar? These days there are so many other options that you may find your head spinning!


Brazil, of course, has been a coffee-producing powerhouse for over a hundred years. Brazil is known for producing excellent coffee, such as blends from Minas Gerais and Bahia. It’s hard not to be a coffee giant when a third of your landmass is perfect climate for coffee growth.


Although Columbia is second as far as amount of coffee produced, it tends to be more popular and well-known. Columbian coffees, such as Narino and Popayan blends, are a delicious delight.


As you know, your coffee-drinking options are not limited to just Brazil and Columbia. In fact, their Central American cousins, Mexico and Cuba, also produce some excellent coffee. Mexican coffee beans are small, so they have very little acidity, which means their flavor is light and mellow. Cuba, on the other hand, is known for its Cafe Cubano, which is so strong that it’s meant to be drunk like a shot of tequila.


Indonesian coffee is quite unique. It is known for aging its coffee. As it ages, the coffee’s acidity lowers and it produces a wonderful, full-bodied brew. Malaysia, meanwhile, is known for brewing coffee by filtering it through a muslin bag. This unusual practice produces a very strong result.


If you are among those people who like your coffee cold, Thailand has a coffee for you! Thailand is known for a chicory-tinged coffee, which is served with condensed milk and ice. This just goes to show that even the smallest countries can have a big influence on the coffee-drinking community.

Favorite Coffees

The Java from Sumatra, the Kona from Mauna Loa and the Beanya from Kenya offer some interesting options as well. Whether you like full and rich, sweet and aromatic or deep and smooth, you can find it amongst those three coffees. Kona coffee is often thought to be the best in the world.


You might prefer the French cafe au lait, which is made of a mixture of half milk and half coffee, or you might side with the Australians, who are still using a Viennese tradition of two-thirds dark and one-third regular.

In the early part of the 1900’s, Luigi Bezzera and M. Cremonesi popularized Italian espressos. If you are trying to cut back on your caffeine intake that could be the coffee drink for you. They contain less caffeine than most coffees. However, if that’s still a bit much for you, you can try cappuccino or latte.

So, whether you have a personality that is more experimental or one that is traditional, there’s a coffee out there for you. Enjoy your next cup!

Easy Coffee Drink Recipes

December 17th

If you love coffee .. you enjoy drinking it day .. and night. Here are some wonderful ways to have coffee from sunrise to sunset. All these coffee recipes are simple to make. Yet, they add something special to a favorite drink.

Mexican coffee

By adding a teaspoon of cinnamon, sprinkled over your coffee in the basket portion of your brewer, you can add some easy zip to your cuppa. Once you brew as usual and fill a big mug simply add about two to three tablespoons of whipped cream, according to your taste. On top of the whipping cream, sprinkle just a pinch of nutmeg. If you want, you can use a straw .. but we usually just drink from the cup. Delightful!

Elegant Coffee

Start with your favorite coffee made a bit stronger than usual. Add un-whipped whipping cream, direct from the carton. Yummy, elegant and rich. Yes, it has a few more calories, but it’s oh, such an easy treat.

Desert Coffee Drink

Coffee and Kahlua(R) makes a drink that is also a desert. Just add a shot of Kahlua to a mug of coffee and top it off with whipped cream. This coffee drink can be served hot or cold. In either case, provide each diner with a spoon to mix as desired – or not. It’s delicious both ways.

Irish coffee

Though usually served in special Irish coffee mugs, that are thinner than a normal mug, tall and with a handle, it’s a fun to make. Pour in a shot of high quality Irish whiskey, then pour the hot coffee in, leaving enough room for a nice dose of whipped cream. Sip and enjoy! Like many hot after dinner coffee drink recipes, this one is wonderful on a cold night.

Iced coffee drink

This recipe needs a few minutes of advance preparation for the perfect cup. Make an extra strong pot of coffee and allow to cool. Freeze the coffee in ice trays. When frozen, you can bag it up in a freezer bag for instant access at serving time. A few hours before you plan to serve, make a pot of regular strength coffee. Allow to cool and refrigerate in a plastic container with a pouring spout. Fill a tall glass with the coffee cubes, pour the cold coffee over and garnish with whipped cream. Drizzle caramel sauce over the whipped cream.

Whichever coffee drinks you try, they are a wonderful change of pace and a fun way to change your drink. Enjoy the great flavors!

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Coffee – Specialty Coffees

November 6th

As fascinating as coffee is, it can also be confusing. There are so many different coffee names that sometimes it’s like trying to remember physics terms. Let’s cut back on the confusion a little by reviewing a few.

The Frappe, with its silent ‘e’, is really a fairly simple drink. It’s common in Europe and Latin America. It is a cold espresso drink, made with two teaspoons of sugar and milk. It’s then mixed with crushed ice cubes, creating an elegant drink. If you want to add a little more adventure, add a quarter cup each of crème de cacao and brandy.

On the other hand, Cappuccino Borgia, which was named for a famous poisoner, is a fairly complicated drink, but well worth the effort. It consists of a quarter cup of peeled orange and a half a cup of chocolate ice cream. Six tablespoons of orange juice, espresso and a quarter cup of milk complete the effect. Have a cup and you’ll feel like you’ve gone back to 15th century Italy!

If you want to return to the 21st century, try a Caribbean Calypso Cooler. Mix a couple of ripe bananas, two cups of coffee ice cream and a cup of chilled, extra-strength coffee together. Four tablespoons of rum added to the mixture and leave your cares behind.

The Latin Caffee Zabaglone is another excellent alcoholic coffee drink. A quarter cup each of sugar and dry Marasala start it off. Add four egg yolks and a pinch of salt and whisk the whole thing together and cook it until it thickens up. Add a cup of Italian roast and you’ve got a breakfast or a drink, whichever you like.

French ancestors living in modern day New Orleans also have an interesting take on the coffee-drinking experience, the Mardi Gras. Combine half of a cup each of eggnog, heavy cream and bourbon with some double-strength American roast. The ’s’ may be silent, but this drink definitely makes a statement!

Then there’s Turkish coffee. Famous for being dark and strong, Turkish coffee’s flavor is cut with cardamom.

Scandinavians also make a Cardamom Kaffee, so the ancient spice is still getting quite a bit of use in modern times. An eighth of a cup of cognac and two teaspoons of Curacao mixed with a teaspoon of sugar and a cracked and seeded cardamom pod make the base of this unique beverage. Heat the entire thing in the microwave for about ten seconds and then use a match to light it on fire. Pour on half of a cup of extra-strength coffee and be ready for a blast of taste!

Coffees around the world are as unique in flavor as they are in name, so have some fun and experiment a bit. Cheers!

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Coffee and Tea Lovers Earrings

October 30th

If you want to have fun sharing your love of coffee or tea – or you want a more permanent gift for a fellow coffee or tea lover – these earrings are perfect!

Sometimes you just want to have fun and share your enthusiasm. These Enchanting Swarovski Crystal Teapot Sterling Silver Leverback 1.25 are classy and fun!

Sometimes the simplest gifts are really appreciated. These can be added to a package of their favorite drink to make a really personalized gift for a birthday or the holidays.